Look What I Drew! is the brainchild of artist and educator, Kevin Russell Hunter. After fifteen years of teaching college level design and art classes, he's come to the conclusion that drawing is just not being properly taught in our schools. There has been, he feels, far too great an emphasis put on the notion of talent and on conceptual foundations and not nearly enough emphasis put on the actual processes, methods and craft of drawing.

So if not in the schools, where does one turn to learn to draw? The best drawing schools are ateliers such as the Art Students League in New York or Palette and Chisel in Chicago. But where can suburbanites and children turn?

And thus, Look What I Drew! was born.

Kevin Russell Hunter has been an artist since receiving training in watercolours at a very early age. He studied drawing under children's book illustrator Robert Baumgartner in high school, winning several national awards for ink drawing. In college he studied medical illustration, design, and drawing and eventually earned an MFA in painting and drawing. He also studied portrait and still life painting at Chicago's historic Palette and Chisel Academy. In addition to teaching at the college level, he maintains a studio practice in Batavia, Illinois.


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