Learn How to Draw: Gear Gab - the Lead Holder

gear lead holders pencils Aug 25, 2017

Hey, check out what I found! Forget tossing tons of dough to an art supply store for overpriced premium pencil sets. I just found this lead holder at my Menards for - get this - $4.99 - half of what you'll pay anywhere else!

It has a bit of heft in your hand. I don't like working with drawing implements that are light weight. It comes with only HB leads, so here is where you might have to spend some money - but really you're spending money to save lots of money in the long run.

Go to an art supply store and buy 2mm leads - 2H, 2B, 4B and 6B - HBs come with the lead holder. Keep a Derwent 9B on hand and you're set for literally years of drawing!! I bought one lead holder for every weight of lead I use!

I like to draw with a hypodermically sharp lead - and these are the way to do that. Purchase a rotary sharpener for 2mm leads and, voila! - no more broken wooden tips emerging from defective sharpeners!! I just really love it when things work out - you know?

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