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My first video lesson course, Learn to Draw Like the Pros, is in production! The series is FREE! and includes the very lessons I use in my college courses. They are perfect for beginners of all ages or for those who just want to brush up their drawing skills. These are not "look over my shoulder" videos. We work together, step by step to learn how to create great drawings! Each lesson includes a downloadable outline and freebie practice assignment. The course also offers a completion certificate. Click below to receive your notification when this course goes live!

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FREE! Watch My Weekly Drawing Videos

Join me in my studio and look over my shoulder as I create one drawing per week - start to finish. I explain exactly what I'm doing and why - each step of the way and I only speed it up during the uninformative stuff. Afterward, you can download a FREE pdf that explains each step of my process! Register now to receive your personal invitation to join me in my studio!

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Click below to visit an on-line gallery of my work in oils and watercolour.

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